Why choose Onlinetoner?

Toner Industry Overview

Leading printer manufacturers, also known as original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), specifically design many of their laser printers to use a chemically prepared toner that has been manufactured in a laboratory setting using a method known as polymerisation. The high cost of OEM cartridges is due in part to the manufacturing process, but it is also due to a brand name with which it is associated. Corporate and celebrity sponsorships along with research & development of new equipment costs are all built into the price of original brand-name cartridges which influences the market price. As a result, the generic low-cost, low-quality cartridge quickly emerged as an alternative replacement for the OEM equivalent, but they have their drawbacks.

There is a growing market of consumers who want an equivalent product to the OEM cartridge that delivers on print quality and reliability without jeopardising the printer's mechanical integrity. They are willing to pay slightly more than the generic low-cost toner, but at a fair and reasonable price when compared to the OEM option. 

Onlinetoner is their product of choice.

Why choose onlinetoner?