Why Choose Onlinetoner?

Toner Industry Overview

Leading printer manufacturers, also known as original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), specifically design many of their laser printers to use a chemically prepared toner that has been manufactured in a laboratory setting using a method known as polymerisation.

The high cost of OEM cartridges is due in part to the manufacturing process, but it is also due to a brand name with which it is associated. Corporate and celebrity sponsorships along with research & development of new equipment costs are all built into the price of original brand-name cartridges which influences the market price.

As a result, the generic low-cost, low-quality cartridge quickly emerged as an alternative replacement for the OEM equivalent, but they have their drawbacks. There is a growing market of consumers who want an equivalent product to the OEM cartridge that delivers on print quality and reliability without jeopardising the printer's mechanical integrity. They are willing to pay slightly more than the generic low-cost toner, but at a fair and reasonable price when compared to the OEM option. Onlinetoner is their product of choice.

Toner Grades

Premium, polymerised toner particles are manufactured under controlled conditions which creates consistent, near identical sphere-shaped toner particles. Having the particles at a controlled size, they sit evenly and flat against the page. The maximum number of particles will be charged during the image fusing process and minimises toner wastage. This allows printers to achieve the recommended cartridge yield output, premium image quality, minimal printer servicing, and long-term component life of the associated imaging transfer components inside the printer.

Premium, polymerised toner is used in both new and remanufactured Onlinetoner cartridges, just as the toner used by major brand-name printer manufacturers. The Onlinetoner toner is made to mirror the brand-name original equivalent toner cartridge trade secret specifications as closely as possible.

Pulverised toner cartridges are widely available and cost around a quarter of the price of the printer manufacturers polymerisation toners. However, they hide industry secrets that will cost you print quality, money, and printer downtime in the long run.

Pulverisation, a completely different, older, low-tech procedure, is the method used to make the cheap, generic toner cartridges. Water, plastic powder, coloured pigment, and other byproducts are combined to a slurry, which is subsequently hardened to create large chunks of coloured chalk-like blocks. These are mechanically pulverised, producing a random, irregularly shaped powdered "toner" particle. The toner produced is a low-cost alternative that frequently underperforms and lacks the quality and dependability of the premium polymerisation toner cartridge.

Vivid Colours

Polymerised Toner Cartridges

Printer manufacturers brand-name cartridges and Onlinetoner cartridges both produce print and images that retain their integrity and do not fade over time.

Images produced from Onlinetoner toner cartridges are comparable to printer manufacturers brand-name toner-produced images because they both provide the highest quality print, resulting in sharp, vibrant images with crisp text.

Pulverised Toner Cartridges

The pulverised toner composition has difficulty in producing vivid colours when compared to polymerised produced images. Typically, the images that they create do not last as long as polymerised images as they fade over time.

Image Quality

Polymerised Toner Cartridges

Polymerised toner particles deliver on the sharpness and quality of the finished image. On closer inspection, the near identical sphere-shaped particles prevent colour bleeding. Text is also free from the ghosting effect, giving a crisp, professional finish to documents when it matters.

Pulverised Toner Cartridges

Pulverised toner particles are hard to control during the image transfer process to paper due to their irregular shapes and sizes. It is very noticeable as images have colour bleed and text has a grey ghosting effect.

* Page yield is based on 5% toner coverage on a standard A4 page. This is an industry standard guide for the number of pages a cartridge will print, hence a cartridge with a page yield of 2,000 pages should print approximately 2,000 pages.

Toner Cartridge Yields

Minimum Waste Toner

Polymerisation toner cartridges, such as the Onlinetoner & brand-named cartridges, are very economical during the image transfer process to paper due to the uniform size and specification of the toner particles.

Non-charging Toner Particles

With generic cartridges, the pulverised manufacturing process produces irregular toner particle sizes, resulting in 30-40% of the toner not accepting a charge from the drum during the print image transfer process. These non-charged under & oversized particles are dumped directly to the waste toner box, giving the low-cost generic cartridge a false sense of value and saving.

Onlinetoner Cartridge Toner Volume

Because they are filled to the maximum toner level, Onlinetoner cartridges have at least the same toner volume as the printer manufacturer's brand-named equivalent cartridge. Generic cartridges are typically under-filled, which contributes to the low cartridge print yield and false savings produced by this type of cartridge.

Toner Grades

Onlinetoner Premium New Toner Cartridge Range

The premium range of toner cartridges are all manufactured using only new components and premium grade toner to ensure optimum print performance. Every cartridge has been manufactured in accordance with strict quality control standards and has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the printer's specifications.

Onlinetoner Premium Recycled/Refurbished Toner Cartridge Range

Onlinetoner recycled/refurbished toner cartridges are disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear after being saved from landfill. Moving components have distinct minimum wear points and form unique relationships with opposing components. If out of specification wear is detected, the component is replaced with a new or refurbished component; importantly, the original components are kept with the same cartridge body throughout the refurbishment process. To ensure maximum dependability, the cartridge is reassembled and filled with premium polymer toner. Every cartridge is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the specifications of the printer.

Value For Money

When selecting a cartridge, consider the printer's running costs as well as the overall savings potential. The Onlinetoner cartridge premium toner formulation, specific mechanical tolerances, and lubrication additives ensure minimal wear on the printer imaging drum and ensure that all components and the printer in general operates at its optimum level. This in turn reduces the frequency of the expensive imaging drum replacements and printer breakdowns.

Unfortunately, low-cost generic toner cartridges typically do not provide this assurance on print equipment, resulting in false savings and running costs on your important printing investment.

Onlinetoner cartridges deliver premium print quality, dependability, and performance that is comparable to the equivalent printer manufacturer's brand-name cartridges. As the brand name implies, Onlinetoner products are available online and do not match the price range of corporate-driven etc, celebrity-sponsored brand-name cartridges, which means Onlinetoner cartridges cost roughly 40% less.