Print Manager Dashboard FAQ's

Onlinetoner has proudly partnered with Print Fleet, the leading cloud-based remote print device monitoring tool, exclusively for our customers.

Instantly review the printer fleets toner levels, identify potential fault issues and stay on top of the servicing schedules and hardware consumables.

Leading printer manufacturers and printer dealers use this platform as a customer management tool. Cut out the middleman and directly take control of your printer costs on your terms.

When you buy an Onlinetoner product, you get free direct monitoring access to the device for which the product was purchased.

The Onlinetoner Team


What are the advantages of monitoring my print devices with the Print Manager Dashboard?

Monitoring the toner levels is only one benefit. True, the printer usually alerts you when the toner is running low, but having an instant snapshot of every printer on one screen simplifies managing supply reordering.  Printers located in different rooms, buildings, or even towns or states can be managed by a single person in a single location. More importantly, printers necessitate hardware consumables such as drum units, belt units, fuser units, rollers and pads, and so on. These components, too, have a manufacturer recommended consumable life and will cause the printer to stop working if their levels fall below a certain level,. The Print Manager Dashboard will display the consumable level of each replaceable hardware part, ensuring that you are aware in advance and can take steps in ordering the customer consumable replacement and prevent your print device from breaking down unnecessarily.

Furthermore, scheduled reports can be set up and delivered into your email inbox with a summary such as the print device  "health" and consumable levels from one print device to an entire device fleet across multiple physical addresses.  

Additional email notification of low toner levels can be set, with the option of the Onlinetoner Replenishment Team creating an automatic toner replenishment order before the toner in the print device runs out.  A new toner can then be delivered and ready to go preventing the printer from running out of toner and stopping.

How do I gain access to the Print Manager Dashboard?

On your initial purchase with Onlinetoner product, a follow up email will provide you with your login details to the dashboard.  A request will be made asking if the devices that suit the product that has just been puchased would like to be monitored.  If you do not wish for the print devices to be monitored, there is no need to do anything.  If you do wish for these devices to be monitored free for charge, reply to the email and Onlinetoner will provide you with the  steps to connect the devices to the Print Manager Dashboard.

Alternatively, if you wish to have access to the Print Manager Dashboard but have not yet purchased Onlinetoner product where there is product available for your print devices, contact the Onlinetoner Team by using the PrintManager Dashboard contact form, and the neccessary instructions will be sent in reply.  The trial period of monitoring these devices will be free of charge for a total of 30 days without a product requiring purchasing.  If an Onlinetoner is purchased duing the 30 day trial period, the term is extended to a further six (6) month period from the date of purchase.

Can I monitor additional Onlinetoner available print devices if I have not yet placed an order for these print device models yet?

Yes.  If there are currently print devices using Onlinetoner products and there are additional print devices that as yet have not recieved Onlinetoner product but product is available for these models, these additional print devices can be added to the monitoring list free of charge for the six (6) month duration.

Is there an automatic replenishment of toner / hardware consumable parts service available?

Yes.  On request, Onlinetoner can set up an automatic product replenishment service for one or multiple print device sites.  Ideal if the business has multiple store or outlet locations State or Country wide.  Under this arrangement, whenever a toner or consumable hardware part is nearing its end of life, you will receive an automated email notifying you that the part has been reordered with Onlinetoner and is being replenished.  The order tracking information will be sent to you and will inform you when it has arrived at its destination via the Onlinetoner Order Tracking Service.  Ideal if the print device is located in another location to the administration person managing the consumable supplies.

Do I have to pay to access the Print Manager Dashboard?

No.  When an Onlinetoner product is purchased, the suitable device or devices are made available for free monitoring on the Print Manager Dashboard for a six (6) month period.  On a subsequent purchase from the same compatible device or devices, the viewing period is reset to a further six months.  If no follow-up products are purchased in the six (6) month period, a courtesy email will be sent to the Print Manager Dashboard credential holder asking if the monitoring and access to the devices is still required. Onlinetoner reserves the right to review and manage the customers access to the Print Manager Dashboard at the during the six (6) month term.

Additional Service Option (Monthly Fee Applies):

If you have a Service, Print Management, Rental or Leasing contract with your current printer manufacturer or dealer, contact the Onlinetoner Team using the Print Manager Dashboard contact form, and the necessary instructions .  For contracted devices being monitored by this additioan service, a minimum monthly subscription charge of $27.50 (inc GST) per month covers up to five (5) non-Onlinetoner product devices.  Additional non-Onlinetoner product devices can be added and are charged at $2.50 (inc GST) per device (1) per month. The subscription is payable in advance at the start of the month and can be altered or cancelled at any time.

Can I monitor the print device usage across multiple locations?

Yes.  Do you want to know why the printer at a branch has an unusually high print level in January?  It may not have anything to do with an employee printing out the latest Jamie Oliver cook book from a colleague!  Multiple reports on print levels, consumable and associated costs are available at your finger tips for every device connected to the Print Manager Dashboard.  Scheduled reports can be set up on a whole range of information to keep you up to date and manage the costs associated with running a print device fleet.

How are the devices connected to the Print Manager Dashboard?

There are two methods on achieving this;

a]  In the steps provided by Onlinetoner, a small piece of secure customised installer file is sent via email.  On running the file, this installation process quickly sets up the connection between the printers on the network and the Print Manager Dashboard.  Usually within 10 minutes or so, the relevant printers will appear on the Print manager Dashboard.  It is recommended that the computer used to run the installation / monitoring software is connected to the network via wireless or network cable.  The device selected should be turned on for the majority of the time and not be one that is frequently removed from the location and used in other scenarios or turned off at night such as a laptop.  This will cause issues with the reliability of the print device monitoring levels.

b]  In other cases where there is not a suitable computer to monitor the print devices or your IT Department is erasing the monitoring file during scheduled system upgrades, it is easily overcome by external hardware device in a plug & play set-up is available.  Onlinetoner will provide a Printer Network Monitor device (PNM) for the duration of the use of the Print Manager Dashboard.  It consists of a small piece of hardware that is pre-configured on delivery to your organisation.  Similarly to the Foxtel box concept, the PNM device is approximately the size (90mm x 70mm x 30mm) and comes complete with its own power supply and network cable.  Simply plug it in where there is a network socket and power point in close proximity to each other and the device then monitors the print devices on the local network and updates the Print Manager Dashboard in real time.   For multiple physical printer sites and locations such as store, warehouse outlets etc where the organisation has many individual local networks, this solution is ideal.  Contact the Onlinetoner Team for more information on this option via the Print Manager Dashboard. Please contact the Onlinetoner Support Team around this monitoring solution.

Can I monitor print devices for which Onlinetoner products are not available for or which are supplied by a third party (Printer Manufacturer or Dealer) under a Service, Print Management, Rental or Leased contract?

Yes.  There is a minimum monthly subscription charge of $27.50 (inc GST) per month that covers up to five (5) non-Onlinetoner product devices.   Additional non-Onlinetoner product devices can be added and are charged at $2.50 (inc GST) per device (1) per month.   The subscription is payable in advance at the start of the month and can be altered or cancelled at any time.

What are the advantages of having third party contractual devices visible?

This is ideal for monitoring the health of your contractual print devices and determining whether maintenance and parts are being replaced ahead of time and in accordance with the Print Managed/Leased/Rental/Service contract(s) the device is under. A contracted print device should very rarely breakdown if the third party replaces the hardware consumable parts at their scheduled replacement points rather than waiting for the part to fail, which is typical industry practice to save manual and component costs that they wear on a contract. This option keeps your third party accountable for the maintenance and manufacturers scheduled parts replacements which will save you hundreds of dollars on your contract.

Having visibility on contractual print devices keeps your third party device provider accountable and keeps your costs to a minimum. 

If I choose to take out a subscription to monitor the contractual third party print devices, how does this help me?

The Onlinetoner Support Officer can configure email alerts to notify you when each individual hardware component reaches its manufacturer's scheduled replacement point. You can then insist to your third-party provider, with printout proof, that the component(s) require replacement and that, according to the service contractual agreement, the components must be replaced rather than waiting for them to fail before replacing them.

Would you be happy if your car dealership refused to replace your timing belt on your investment when it was due at 70,000 km and instead told you, "It's not needed, we'll replace it when it snaps"?

No, you wouldn't be happy!   Why should your print device be treated any differently? It's under a contract, and the third party is also responsible for keeping the print device in good working order and keeping failures to a minimum during the contract. It is you consumer right and the third party obligation.