Why choose Onlinetoner?

Toner Industry Overview

Premium, polymerised toner particles are manufactured under controlled conditions which creates consistent, near identical sphere-shaped toner particles.  Having the particles at a controlled size, they sit evenly and flat against the page. The maximum number of particles will be charged during the image fusing process and minimises toner wastage.  This allows printers to achieve the recommended cartridge yield output, premium image quality, minimal printer servicing, and long-term component life of the associated imaging transfer components inside the printer.

Premium, polymerised toner is used in both new and remanufactured Onlinetoner cartridges, just as the toner used by major brand-name printer manufacturers. The Onlinetoner toner is made to mirror the brand-name original equivalent toner cartridge trade secret specifications as closely as possible.

Pulverised toner cartridges are widely available and cost around a quarter of the price of the printer manufacturers polymerisation toners. However, they hide industry secrets that will cost you print quality, money, and printer downtime in the long run. 

Pulverisation, a completely different, older, low-tech procedure, is the method used to make the cheap, generic toner cartridges. Water, plastic powder, coloured pigment, and other byproducts are combined to a slurry, which is subsequently hardened to create large chunks of coloured chalk-like blocks.  These are mechanically pulverised, producing a random, irregularly shaped powdered "toner" particle. The toner produced is a low-cost alternative that frequently underperforms and lacks the quality and dependability of the premium polymerisation toner cartridge.

Why choose onlinetoner?