Print Manager Dashboard Overview & Features
Are you aware of any other printer consumer spare parts that may be in need of replacement soon, aside from the toner cartridge? As there is always something in a printer near its end of life, it is not a good idea to discover it after the printer has stopped operating!

Due to wear and tear, printer drums, transfer belts, rollers, and a variety of other parts will need to be replaced at some point during the printer's life.

Before your printer stops working, the Print Manager Dashboard will identify any other parts that are nearing the end of their useful life so that these parts can be ordered and on hand for when they are required. For peace of mind, request access today to the Print Manager today and avoid a breakdown!

Monitor every consumable product in the print device fleet

The Print Manager Dashboard will easily keep you up to date on every consumable product that can potentially prevent the print device from printing. 

Print devices don't just need their toner cartridges changed. Depending on the model, features and manufacturer, there is a host of hardware components that have a manufacturer's scheduled replacement life. 

If you have print devices in the fleet that are under contract by a third party manufacturer or dealer, the Print Manager Dashboard is perfect for keeping the third parties service schedules honest and on time. Theses third party suppliers have an obligation to keep their devices working to the manufacturers' device specifications at all times while in under contract with you, the customer.

Individual Print Device Review

Every print device can be reviewed and drilled down into with the menu options to show real-time consumable, IT data, print history, and alert information.

The Device Status button provides a quick indication of any issues with the print device and expands when clicked to display a history of issues, events, and whether they have been self-corrected or still require attention.

Optional email notifications and the automatic replenishment service is available on request

Alerts for toner and hardware consumables can be set up in conjunction with the Onlinetoner Support Officer during the support call while configuring the Print Manager Dashboard.

This is ideal so that you never forget to reorder an Onlinetoner cartridge or hardware consumable.

Even better, why not also have the alert notify the Onlinetoner Automatic Replenishment Team, who will create an automatic order and ship the toner or hardware consumable to the print device's nominated physical address?

Ideal for warehouses, offices, construction sites, and retail outlets served by the Head Office Administration or Procurement Team. Monthly reports for the shipped products can be sent to the nominated account holder if required.
View the video below for an overview of the Print Manager Dashboard