What is a printer drum?

Even as the world continues heading towards becoming paperless, printers still remain critical equipment for businesses and individuals alike. Companies rely on them for all their paper needs, from printing to scanning and copying. And they are just as useful in the home, from printing out school projects and scanning bills. But once errors pop up, paper jams happen, or the print quality drops off, people become frantic about what could be wrong.

Onlinetoner laser printer cartridges contain the same type of toner compound (premium polymerised toner) as the Brother and other printer manufacturers' toner cartridges. This type of toner compound maximises the life expectancy of the imaging drum in the printer.

Using cheap, generic toner cartridges filled with additives and fillers and consisting of irregular shaped pulverised toner compound particles does not follow the original printer manufacturers' precise tolerances and specifications. This can cause mechanical breakdowns and poor imaging issues, which results in drastically speeding up the need to replace the drum unit in the printer due to the abrasive action of the pulverised toner compound on the drum face.

Frequent Blotching 

Noticing spots and blotching more and more often can be a sign that your drum is in dire need of attention. There is a possibility that it has been compromised, resulting in blacked spots and smudges appearing on your prints. We encourage you to address this timeously as the recurrence will only worsen. 

Inconsistent Images 

As time progresses, printers require a thorough inspection to ensure that they are in working condition. If this does not happen, it can lead to images that are hazy and unclear in the future. 

Decreasing Quality 

These all-around useful machines can be a costly investment for many and it’s important to maintain them regularly. Onlinetoner explores the signs that your printer may require a drum replacement and service urgently. 

New printers push out high-quality prints that can really make a noteworthy difference to your business operations or personal records. As printers age, the print quality will start to reduce due to worn drums and image transfer components which causes a noticeable drop in image quality, such as prints losing their brightness and clarity.  

Ignoring printer errors in the hope that the message disappears from the screen is not advised. Long-term, it can lead to serious internal damage and unexpected costs. In addition, this can cause you to spend more money than planned on professional repair or a new printer. 

When your Brother printer is in need of a new drum unit, look no further than a premium grade Onlinetoner drum unit that is 100% fully compatible and is around 40% less expensive than the original manufacturer's part.

Onlinetoner provides access to your own cloud-based printer maintenance dashboard that provides a clear picture of the toner levels, drums and any other consumable replacement parts (rollers, imaging parts etc.) remaining life expectancy. Prevent needless, avoidable breakdowns and poor print quality by using Onlinetoner premium toner cartridges and drums with the free Print Manager Dashboard.

More importantly, if printers operate across multiple physical sites, every printer in your fleet can be conveniently listed and viewed to monitor for low consumables and replacement drums.

Onlinetoner is a leading supplier of printer drum replacements suitable for Brother and other leading printer brands. Shop our wide range of exclusive brands online today.

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