Onlinetoner cartridges shown in a printer

As you send your next masterpiece report to your colour toner printer, do you know which will be the most used colour toner? Or the least? And, have you discovered the colour printer toner settings that you can tweak to impact your toner efficiency?

Here’s an overview of the colour toner usage and settings to give you the confidence to tweak away!

Black Toner In A Colour Printer

You are probably not surprised to learn that black colour toner is the most consumed toner in office and home printing. If your laserjet is a colour printer, and black text prints are its main output, it is important to know that colour toner could well be used, as well as black toner! 

This interesting toner usage depends on how the printer reads your computer's choice of black. 

The printer will, therefore, delve into the colour compartments to produce a rendition of the particular black that it thinks you want.

Colour Toner In a Colour Printer

The basic colours used in colour printing tasks are magenta, cyan and yellow. A particular blend of these three primary colours will actually produce black, but that is the least efficient way of printing black versus using black toner. 

Red is generally the most predominantly used colour in colour prints. This colour recipe draws on your magenta toner, thus the magenta is usually the first to run out. If you use our print manager dashboard platform, you will receive an automatic status update on the content, avoiding unexpected downtime on the printer.

Note: When doing a black printout, the magenta is often drawn upon to make up the final colour.

Settings That Affect Toner Colour Usage

Based on the above, you can expect to replace your black toner more frequently. To reduce the amount of dipping into your other colour toners, set your print jobs to use only black ink. In your printer settings (via your laptop) you can look for the ‘black’ or ‘greyscale’ option ‒ choose black. Note: Greyscale will dip into the other colours. 

Alternatively, you can use a printer that only takes black cartridges and keep your colour printer for the final documents, cover pages of reports or the pages with graphics and pictures. You might find this the most convenient and cost-effective solution long term.

Setting Changes And Quality Implications

When the settings on your printer are adjusted, it will always affect the quality in some way, positively or negatively. The selection of the black-only or greyscale toner setting might affect the final look of the printed text. 

Helpful tip: We recommend you do test pages when a deadline is not looming. If you notice a reduction in the quality, revert to using full colour. 

At the risk of repetition, it might be worthwhile to have a dedicated black-only printer and a colour printer for the smaller amount of full-colour pages. With printer and toner bundle packages being so cost-effective, a dedicated-black printer is feasible for small and big businesses.

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