The Easy Way To Set Up Your Wireless Toner Cartridge Laserjet Printer

Calling your desktop guy every time you need something set up or tweaked can eat into your IT budget. And let’s be frank, there are some exciting gadgets or software that you would rather spend that budget on, right? 

So when you want to set up your space-efficient, neat wireless printer with its high-quality toner cartridge, it would be nice to do it solo. That’s why we are here to help. Let’s get started!

The Benefits Of A Wireless Printer?

With all the gadgets making our lives more convenient, there often comes a ton of cables for power sources, charging, connecting, etc.  Being able to reduce the cable spaghetti is always a win! 

You can also position the printer in a more ideal position instead of 1 metre away from your laptop. Convenient and neat!

Setting Up Your Wireless Printer

Setting up your wireless printer takes a couple more steps than a cable link, but the convenience you win from this vastly outweighs the extra steps. You could even print from another office or while sitting in your garden!

What do you need?

  • An existing wireless router
  • An existing network connection configured via the router
  • The name of the wireless network (SSID)
  • The network password
  • Know the wireless security protocol (your network will have this info)
  • A wireless printer
  • High-quality toner cartridges for your printer (available via a printer-toner bundle deal) 

Position Your Printer

The first thing to do is to decide on the most convenient position for your wireless printer. You can’t leave it there immediately as you need it near your laptop for the setup but test out the final position. 

Consider what will happen to your prints when they exit the printer. Is there a surface for them to land on? 

Plug it into a power source and turn the printer on. Check the printer screen to see the strength of the Wi-Fi signal being received. Thick walls and reinforced doors can affect signal strength. 

For now, place the printer next to your laptop, plug it into a power source again and turn it on. 

Automated Vs Manual Settings

When you start the setup, you can choose automated or manual. An automated setup will show you a step-by-step guide on the LCD screen. The printer will pick up nearby networks automatically and all you have to do is select the right name. You then tap or click on ‘Connect’. You will be asked for the password and it will take a few seconds to connect. This software installation will register the IP address and firewall settings. Voila!

If you have chosen the manual process, you will need to set up your firewall. Sometimes a firewall ‘protects’ your laptop from ‘foreign’ devices connecting and, at this stage, your printer is ‘foreign’. In this case, disable your firewall, establish a connection, and reconnect on a lower security setting. 

Your printer will also ask you to choose the wireless security protocol. It is probably Wi-Fi, but it might be WEP. Your network has this information.

Software Installation

After the network connection, install the printer software on the laptop. The software will either be on a CD or downloadable from the internet (you will be prompted to download it). It will have a step-by-step guide.  

And that’s it. It is THAT simple!

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