Ditch Your Admin & Save On Printer Costs!

If you are running or managing a business, then you will be chasing the greedy cost monster daily. Direct and indirect costs eat away at your profits, and the more you avoid them, the faster your business grows. 

One of the biggest gobblers of costs is admin, so ditch your admin and start saving! Of course, we don’t mean ignore admin ‒ you should stop doing it personally. Instead, use cost-effective automation, like a print manager dashboard, and watch your profits soar. 

Here’s how automation boosts profits and business growth.

Print Manager Dashboard

The Dashboard is a powerful, browser-based app on which you can view and manage the uploaded, qualifying printers' on their operational status, faults and consumable levels without leaving your seat or making a phone call.  

In fact, the Dashboard will contact you about:

  • Any printer, regardless of the brand
  • Any device type or size
  • One printer or many
  • One location or multiple locations around the world

And it will report on: 

  • Laser toner cartridges
  • Drums
  • Rollers
  • Transfer Belts
  • Pads
  • Waste toner boxes
  • Service requirements
  • Components reaching their end-of-use lifespan

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Procurement Management Service

Virtual monitoring is not the only benefit. Huge time and cost savings can be achieved if the auto-email service is requested and set up. It alerts our on-the-ball Onlinetoner Support Team of any components or toners needing upcoming replacement. You or your procurement department, or both, are copied into the email.

No manual management, no manual ordering, no manual shipping! Can you hear your free time being created? No errors, no downtime, no crisis management ‒ tick tick tick.

If you are a retail group, medical services business, hospitality group or any other medium to large business with multiple printers in multiple locations, then your printing management and cost-efficiencies just got simpler!

Simplify printer admin with a FREE 3-month trial of our printing dashboard

Benefits Overview

Strategic thinking - Give your team time for strategic thinking and tasks so that every minute is a money-making minute, not a cost-minute. 

Customer Service - More free time means more time available to focus on your clients.

The Human Factor - Avoid triple-checking stock, constant verification of component lifespan or services and order the right products at the right time.

Using automation wherever possible will free you and your team up to grow the business strategically and financially. Our Printing Management Dashboard keeps your finger on the pulse of printing, effortlessly. 

Are you ready to start saving? Get free direct monitoring access to the device for which the product was purchased with a FREE 3-month trial! For a limited time, the initial purchase is overlooked with a free trial. For additional assistance, get in touch with us.